Crafty Consejera en Control is a blog created to explore different ways that we can begin to give back to ourselves. Throughout my life, I have been crafty in the ways that I handle life circumstances. This Blog is a creative outlet to share some gems around emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Thank you for reading.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." - Audre Lorde

New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine at the end of last year about balancing everything we had going on. At the time I was balancing a lot: I was working full time, I worked on the weekends as an adjunct professor teaching a fundamental course to graduate students, maintaining relationships with my loved ones, trying to maintain a social life AND still trying to find time for myself. I asked her if she thought that our entire lives would be a balancing act since we are both in the beginning of our careers. She answered, "No, and I think you need to find a passion project that will help ground you in what you are passionate about." 

For weeks, I thought of what my passion project would be...I love working with youth ( which I already do). I enjoy teaching/ training school counselors in training what a community responsive counselor is, I enjoy cooking, I enjoy scrapbooking and painting ( I wish I had more time for it!). I enjoyed boxing, until it got too expensive :(  and being physically active. I thought long and hard about what would be able to combine all of these and finally it hit me...I was going to start a wellness blog!

I immediately texted my friend and told her what my passion project was going to be and she was as excited as I was. I started researching "wellness" blogs and found that most were about fitness and written by folks who didn't look like me or my friends.

More of a reason to start one. 

Of course I worked through the anxiety of putting myself out there like that. The fear of failing. The inner voice of insecurity, saying 'blogging isn't for youand wondering who would read my posts.

But then I said, f*ck it, even if it helps just one person or gives somebody an extra push they need at the moment, or someone feels represented in these posts, then I will be okay. It is very similar to my job as a counselor, even if I only see minor changes in people I work with, or no changes at all, I will always be that one caring adult in their lives and that goes a long way. 

Additionally, the name Crafty Consejera en Control, is not only because I dabble in Arts and Crafts here and there.  I have discovered that I am also crafty with the way that I face the world, challenges, my profession, etc. 

With all of that said, I hope to bring the following with this blog: 

  • Posts on overall wellness, including but not limited to, spiritual, emotional wellness, physical wellness. 
  • Insight on wellness activities that I do continuously to stay on my path.
  • Inspiration to start on your wellness path/ Inspiracion para el bienestar
  • Resources for wellness.

Thanks for reading AND Happy New Year!




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